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How Might Phil Serve Us?

Book a Pastoral Conversation, Schedule a Speaking Engagement, Ask About a Local Mission Audit

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Pastoral Conversation

Have a conundrum, confusing challenge, crisis in the making? Let's talk. Phil is trained in conflict resolution, mediation, strategy formation and just plain old listening without judgment. Lean on his heart, experience, and learning to strengthen you in ministry.


Guest Speaker

Phil is an experienced speaker, teacher and conference facilitator. Let's talk about your needs for a new voice, a forward motivator, and an apostolic gift of visitation and messaging for the needs of any group, church, or gathering.


Ministry Impact Evaluation

Phil is an experienced facilitator with over two decades of experience leading congregations in  community impact, presence, and service.

Move your congregation to a place of loving influence in your city or community at large with the power of care, compassion, and concern.


Church, What Is That?

Have an exploratory and examining conversation with local church influencers, volunteers, and team members about your role as the expression of Jesus' life in your community as a corporate presence and individual connectors to the Kingdom of God. Phil facilitates this session of 90 to 120 minutes to bring light and license to our role as a mission station of God's love among our neighbors.


Wake Up Workshop

As a veteran presenter of the Awaken workshop, Phil has seen women and men on three continents and multiple states wake up to their divine design, ordained purpose, and biblical identity by spending a day with the Holy Spirit in seeking and seeing the revelation of God over the timeline of life.In the Awaken workshop we discover that God never wastes our pain and we are more than overcomers of that pain through Jesus Christ who loves us and gave himself for us.


Leadershift Seminars

As a certified presenter with The John Maxwell Team, Phil has a number of seminars, learning experiences, and courses designed by John to share with your congregation, team, and staff, shifting them forward in service.

Some of the offerings include Leadership Gold
Becoming a Person of Influence
15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
Real Success

and others are available.

Mission Forward Weekends

Our signature ministry for local church advance is the Mission Forward Weekend. 

  • Each Mission Forward experience is geared to the local church's unique mission and vision in their local context.  It begins on Friday evening with dinner or a coffee klatsch and conversation about your role as a church and individual expressions of Jesus among your relational networks.

  • It continues on Saturday with a full-day workshop we call Awaken. We know God has been at work preparing every Christian for the unique impact each was made to bring to the world around them. Awaken is a full-day workshop that helps an individual disciple discover who God made them to be and what God planned ahead of time for them to do in revealing the presence, personality, and power of Jesus to their world. "We are God's creative expression, recreated in Christ Jesus, to fulfill the purpose and work God planned for us long ago." (Ephesians 2.10)

  • Sundays are for fanning the flame, according to Paul's letter to Timothy (1.6), "For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands." Church leaders, pastors, ministers gladly ordain and release their members to dive in, all in, to the mission of Jesus. An option for Sunday evening is an informal gathering of those who want to commit to next steps, deeper conversations, and QnA on local mission formation.

How Can We Serve You and Your Mission?

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